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Is there a difference between loving someone and being in love? Mariah must search her heart and mind to learn the answer of that age-old question. Mariah Smith is a young girl struggling to survive during the end of the Great Depression and onset of World War II in Camden, New Jersey. The oldest child of five, Mariah had to grow up fast when her father abandoned them; leaving her mother to feed and clothe her children with mere pennies. As she copes with poverty and fights to create a better life, Mariah is torn between her love for two brothers, Johnny and Will Bateman. Johnny’s rugged good looks and outgoing ways attract Mariah like a moth to a candle flame. His flattering attention sweeps her off her feet; laying his claim to her. Until she meets Wilhelm. Will is serious and sensitive, a soul mate matching Mariah’s own shy nature. She is drawn to the handsome boy with his kindred spirit. How can she choose between them? Does she have the right? The turmoil of a nation at war mirrors the fear of all families facing the ultimate sacrifice. The Bateman’s are now a young married couple living with rationing, air raid drills, victory gardens and black outs. They are part of the nation’s united cause to support the war effort. Overcoming adversity and family tragedy, the young couple will grow stronger together as they fight for their dream of a brighter future for themselves and the next generation.